Have you ever been in a situation where on a typical workday you find yourself in a chaotic mess? First your internet is down, secondly you have an unresponsive IT department, and third, your boss is fuming and all he or she wants is the problem solved. Feel lost in what to do?

Managed IT Support

Here are a few steps that can help you find the right IT service provider: 

1. First, Be Prepared to Know the Facts

Doing your homework is most important when searching for a reputable expert. Most IT providers would like to know basic information about you and what your needs are and it’s best to answer as precise as possible. Knowing the answers you need to give is pertinent to getting the job done. Be ready to answer typical questions such as, “How many users work on a computer?” and “Do you have an on-site or hosted server?” Also, be prepared to know what kind of budget you will be working with and what you’ve paid in the past.

2. Know What You Need in IT Service

Find out what you need and what is best for your business. Ask yourself, “Do you need an Hourly IT, a Project IT, or do you need Managed Services?” Typically if you have less than five users, you can settle for hourly or per project for when things go wrong. For companies with five or more users, you may want to consider getting a Managed Service Provider.

 3. Search for the Right People

Now that you’ve done some research on what your needs are, it’s time to look for the right people to get the job done. Try a simple search online for IT Support Houston and see what you can find. Be sure to check out review sites on Google and Yelp. Ratings are important to share with you the quality of service, as well as reading reviews. Another recommendation is to ask for referrals. Ask customers, vendors and even referrals from other businesses that are a similar size to yours about their experience.

Driskill IT Consultants can help. Our well-trained and experienced staff is ready help you find your best option.  Give us a call today or schedule a free consultation and let’s get started on getting you the right IT solution.

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